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We won! Providence Design Catalyst Grant

We won!  We want to thank DesignxRI for giving us this opportunity! Could not have done this alone!

The Providence Design Catalyst program is a competitive grant program providing seed capital, business mentorship, professional development training, and peer-to-peer networking to help design businesses reach their growth goals.

Design is one of the fastest growing sectors locally and nationally. It has the dynamic capacity for integrating strategy, experience, and aesthetic, and propels new business startups, job growth, product innovations, global markets, and urban developments. Today, design is recognized as the lynchpin in consumer experience and the driver for innovation.

Support from the Providence Design Catalyst leads to positive business growth, jobs, and pathways for creative talent to stay in our creative city. It establishes a foundational strategy for next-generation business development. Combining the global expertise of teachers, dedicated support from business mentors, and financial investment based on milestones and achievements, the Providence Design Catalyst program creates vital momentum for sustained business growth.

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Read More About It Here:


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