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Christian Thomas Designs is a local, Providence based Design/Build company.  Initially, Christian (Owner, Designer) began learning the trade as a skilled carpenter and then transitioned into the role of General Contractor as his skills evolved and as his network expanded. . Our passion for detail, and innate knowledge of remodels, renovations, furniture, and extensive network of professional resources produce engaging, sustainable, and refined interiors, exteriors, and furnishings.



















Creating innovative and environmentally friendly designs by using sustainable systems and offering reclaimed materials wherever it is possible. We specialize in locally sourced, recycled wood and reclaimed materials.  Our furnishings are pieces meticulously designed and master crafted in house, that are examples of how we repurpose relaimed materials.  Whether it's one of our own beautiful designs, or a custom made piece, we strive for an individual experience with each of our clients that provides them with a unique piece for years to come.  We understand that’s

where your memories are also filled.  Investing in quality that lasts a lifetime.




A small, local business, who recycles a much larger share of revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community, bringing eco-conscious innovative designs to homes all across the world.  Making a firm commitment to the environment and contributing to the efforts against deforestation and conservation.




     Juried Art Show, Rhode Island Convention Center

     Juried Art Show, Rhode Island Convention Center

     Juried Art Show, Rhode Island Convention Center


     Ready, Set, DesignGO!

     International Interior Design Association (IIDA New England Chapter)

     Hope Artiste Village



    "Art Providence rises where RISD Christmas show used to be"

    "West Side Stories: Providence's West Broadway neighborhood is beautifully diverse and home to strong community             sentiment."

    Entrepreneurship: “New Life for Used Wood”

    Art: “Christian Thomas Designs Combines Natural and Industrial Styles”

    Sponsored by SCORE and Sam’s Club 

    The City of Providence, DesignxRI, RISD, Social Greenhouse Enterprise



  • GravityLab Studios

  • Tortilla Flats, Restaurant and Bar



  • Brimfield Antique Shows

  • Festival Fete

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