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Shipping and Lead Time

Our products are made by hand to order in our workshop. Furniture take between 6-8 weeks for production, plus shipping time to you. Costs associated with shipping are not included in the price. Contact us for estimated shipping costs. Shipping Options: Heavy Duty Boxed, Filler Wrapped (Individually) Palletized (Group). Rush delivery may be available, please email us at


Wood character

Our wood furniture and furnishings are solid wood that comes from old wooden barns, warehouses, and homes that have been in natures elements for decades, even centuries. The wood is full of inherent character, blemishes, holes, small cracks, worm holes, and insect valleys which are not imperfections but unique attributes that gives our furniture its character. There are no two pieces that are ever exactly alike.



All dimensions are liable to be rounded up or down an inch or so based on the inconsistency of reclaimed wood. Therefore, we reserves the right to make changes to any item without notice. If you need exact dimensions please let us know by contacting us at


Caring for your piece

All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. Avoid placing furniture near heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Never store furniture in an attic, basement, or other damp areas.  This will help avoid cracks and warping. Remember to clean up spills immediately.  Avoid cleaners and polish that contains ammonia or silicon. Avoid dusting with a dry cloth, this may scratch the finish.  Dust with a soft damp cloth by following the wood grain.

Also use soft cloth 100% cotton (like an old t-shirt).  If your furnishings or table top get soiled use mild dish soap and warm water to wipe clean and buff dry. DO NOT use ammonia, windex, pledge, or any strong cleaners.


Custom orders

All custom orders are welcome! We require a 50% down payment before project can be started. There are no refund on custom orders.

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